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Project Details

Location:  Mankato, Minnesota
Square Footage: 180,000
Total Cost: $42 million
Total Beds: 180

Project Description

This new facility is a LEED Silver Rated building that included many creative and sustainable engineering features.  The energy performance of the building is projected to exceed the Minnesota Energy Code by 30%.  This building includes:

  • Geothermal heating and cooling system
  • In-floor radiation
  • Daylight harvesting to reduce electrical consumption
  • High efficiency motors with variable frequency drives
  • Full-cut off exterior lighting to reduce light pollution
  • Occupancy sensors for lighting ventilation control of spaces
  • Zero use of (HCFC) refrigerant
  • Mechanical energy/heat recovery of exhaust air
  • Outdoor air CO2 monitoring
  • Building wide programmable lighting control system to reduce electrical consumption

This facility was also equipped with 100% back-up of electrical that allowed the owner to participate in the local utility electrical curtailment program.

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